I have recently been on a marathon of interviews!

“I had been finding it extremely tough to score interview opportunities before I subscribed to 400contacts and before I shared my frustrating experience with Andreas a couple of weeks ago. Regardless of how many times I modified my CV and cover letter to suit the role, I still could get loads of the infamous “Thank you for your application. We regret to inform you that…” messages in my inbox. 400contacts reversed this and now it is quite the opposite. I have recently been on a marathon of interviews! Every resource or knowledge shared here is unique and helpful in its own way.”

– Ishebo, Gothenburg

Today, I had a job interview

“Bundle of thanks dear Andreas Wennberg for your helpful assistance with 400contacts. Today, I had a job interview at COWI, a Leading Consulting group in Västerås. During the interview I used the advantage of weekly tips I learned from this app, most of the questions were from INTERVIEW quest which I was already prepared for the answers. Despite it was my first interview in Sweden but nothing was new. All important tips are well discussed in the 400contacts’ weekly quests.”

– Samad, Eskilstuna

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